How we operate


Typical daytime

These are the main steps in Plume. Of course, they are provided as an indicative basis as there is no imposed schedule. We constantly make sure we comply with your child's own pace, feelings and needs and your child will always be invited to take parts in workshops or activities. In other words, no activity is imposed.

8h00 - 9h30

Quiet moment, "Hello !" ritual, song and story

12h15 - 15h00

15h30 - 16h00

The terms and conditions and the crèche rules are detailed in the company rules and regulations you are given on the very first day

  • We provide diapers, milk, lunch and snacks for your children. An empty baby’s bottle can be provided by the parents to the crèche for the youngest ones to prevent disrupting the home habits.

  • Should there be special skin care, please bring the pharmaceuticals with the matching prescription and we will see to it.

  • You shall provide the suitable spare clothes for your child and the indispensable sleepbag for a little nap. Please do not forget to write your child’s name on all her/his clothes and things : it will prevent any unfortunate swap of clothes.

  • Please do not forget your child will need a transitional object to smooth the transfer from home to the crèche.

  • Finally, when you get to the crèche to entrust your child in the morning, the professionals will be all ears for any informative transition regarding your child : required care, happy or unhappy event, mood of the day, etc, as well as the identity of the person who will come to pick your children up in the evening.

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Period of adjustment

A compulsory period of adjustment period of gradual adjustment will be prior to the definitive admission of your child in the crèche. This will allow her/him to become smoothly familiar to her/his new environment and slowly develop a relationship based on confidence with a professional of the crèche.

We will define the implementing mode on an ad-hoc basis with you, but an adjustment period of six hours will systematically be prompted to the parents.

Of course, we know that you have busy schedules and we will adapt this period to your time constraints


Your child health

In the interest of your child, any health problem, even the slightest one, must be reported in the morning. The Head of the crèche or the professional referent will assess the situation considering the signs your child shows and determine with you wehther your child is fit to stay or not.

Welcoming a sick child or not is based on several criteria :             - general fitness considering the common interest of the crèche,

                                                                                                                            - therapeutic management and monitoring requirements,

                                                                                                                            -  contagion risks for other children.

Based on the above-listed criteria, the Head of the crèche or the professional referent will make the decision to let your child in or not for the day.

Some diseases involve a compulsory eviction (according to the list drawn up by the French Ministry of Health).

In case an illness breaks out while the child is in the crèche or in other situations, the parents may be required to come and pick up the child.


Child with disabilities or chronic disease

If your child suffers from a disability or a chronic disease, an Individualized Support Project will be drawn up in cooperation with the doctor in charge of the crèche and the head of the crèche.

As the situation requires specific attention, it is our vision to set up and implement a true partnership with you so that your child will be welcomed with all the attention required by the whole team.

Once your child is over three, (s)he may stay in the crèche for an additional year : this request will require the approval of both the doctor in charge of the crèche and the doctor of the Infant and Mother Welfare public administration.


We count on you!

It is essential that close cooperation be developed between parents and supervisory professionals in order to build around your child a climate of confidence contributing to her/his development.


After admission, there are three key-moments you will be sharing with the team :

  1. In the first week or so when your child will get more familiar to this new environment, in order to get to know the staff and communicate about the habits and personality traits of your child,

  2. In daily discussions with the team,

  3. In quarterly parents/supervisor meetings, in order to exchange about the educational project, the various on-going activities and your parental wishes and suggestions.


Terms and conditions

We have designed these guidelines so as to make your parental life easier and best adapt to your child’s own personality in a crèche where respect and respectful interaction are key-words.

We welcome all children as they arrive and they are free to play any game they want

9h45 - 10h15

Workshops are offered to children by the professional team. Themes are changing between language workshops, discovery worshops. They can be linked to creativity to motor skills or to imagination

10h15 - 11h00

Children wash their hands and have lunch with the team.
We offer quality meal, all the ingredients are fresh and from organic agriculture.

11h15 - 12h15

Stories are read to the children while they are having a nap. A quiet time is available for those who awake early or those who do not wish to sleep.

Free games and workshops offered by the team.

16h15 - 19h00