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Plume Versailles

Nursery Versailles - Plume bilingual nursery in Versailles


Located at the end of a small pedestrian cul-de-sac a few meters away from Place Hoche and the Château de Versailles, Plume Versailles enjoys rare tranquillity and discretion within a city, sheltered from the bustle of urban life and traffic noise. We can accommodate 10 children from 4 months to 3 years old.


The crèche is set in premises hinged around a small and tranquil inner courtyard. A dozen windows let the sun shine in and open onto the outside.


As in all our crèches, furniture, psychomotor structures and toys are all made of good quality wood from eco-managed forests, worked by craftsmen in Jura and certified "Made in France".

They are tailor-made to optimize space and promote the development of children.


Organic food with fruit and vegetable is served daily at lunch-time.

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Entrance Versailles nursery

Entrance to the Versailles nursery