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Nursery Saint-Cloud- Plume bilingual nursery in Saint-Cloud mini crèche

Plume Saint-Cloud


Plume Saint-Cloud is set in spacious and very light premises with a 180-degree view onto a green garden. The crèche opens onto to a park giving the opportunity to take the children out safely.


As in all our crèches, all our psychomotor structures and furniture are made of good quality wood from eco-managed forests, worked by craftsmen in Jura and certified "Made in France". They are all tailor-made to optimize space and promote the development of children.


If you are supported by your company, the rate in a crèche is similar to that of a municipal crèche.


Organic food, including fruit and vegetable, is served daily at lunch-time.

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08:00    19:00

    08:00    19:00

08:00    19:00

08:00    19:00

08:00    19:00


Ouverture 1er trimestre 2018 !

Opening in 2019